How do people get compensation for dog bite injuries?

Fact is that animal’s owner has to pay compensation when animal hurts someone to cover victim’s pain, suffering, future medical expenses and other losses. With the huge number of households that have dogs as pets, a number of this happenings is just rising with time mainly because of bad breeding and people not taking care of them in a proper matter.


For sure, there is no reason why somebody shouldn’t claim compensation against the owner of the dog if injured in the attack of this same animal. Dog carer or owner has to take responsibility not just after situation happening but also preventing their dogs from acting dangerously and harming others. Being bitten is a terrifying experience which sometimes can even be life-threatening or leaving serious physical and emotional consequences.

There are some few basic steps while claiming compensation:

Doing report with all available details (such as photos of the dog or damaged property for back up) as soon as possible, and contacting police department on time will not only solve it faster, it could prevent dog to harm next victims.

Making prompt medical fast as you can after the accident and getting someone to take photographs of suffered injuries. If there were some witnesses to the attack, their contact details would be of great help in future.

Getting in touch with a proper lawyer that are experts in this area should successfully result in getting efficient compensation.

Claim for compensation should include damages like pain and suffering, medical bills, lost income, any property damages and travel expenses.

Senior woman with her dog

Most obvious costs in this situation are bills from the doctor and hospital services, physical therapies, medications. And if any psychological treatment. Main rule everybody should know is that if you hurt somebody. You are responsible for all injuries that are flowing after from your action. This also includes a situation where victim’s bad condition is made much worse by these injuries.

In this situation pains is complex made of physical, mental and emotional suffering. All post trauma, serious, medical and painful procedures can result in emotional distress. Anxiety, depression, and fear of dogs are only some of the common psychological symptoms of this kind of accidents. Even serious level of post-traumatic stress disorder may happen as a result.

Talking about victim’s income loss is when the victim is not capable of accomplishing. Their usual work responsibilities after the accident and should also be compensated. For the future income defined as a loss in earning capacity.

Special damages like property damage and travel expenses to the hospital are. Also included in a claim for compensation and should be covered.

Most dog bite compensations are settled out of the court, and it is mostly solved where the owner is paying for compensation for pet insurance. Amounts that victims receive vary tremendously.