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Choosing a right law firm and professional team is a big decision and if you didn’t hire an attorney before the process can be intimidating. This person should understand the nature of your business and the sector you are in. Advice and explanations should be based on plain language so the understanding is equal in both ways. Any of law practices found on the list of your choices should hold a practicing certificate issued by the Law Society. They must be qualified first so that they can give you any advice. Asking your friends for a recommendation of a particular firm is also a good beginning. Also talk to bank managers, accountants or any other business managers with a great number of contacts for good companies. There are also pros and cons when working with big firms, small firms, and solo practitioners.  All three solutions have their advantages and flaws which mostly depend on the type of your case and business need. Never hesitate to discuss your potential future lawyer about their fee structure. You have every right to plan your legal costs. Usual options for payment in this business are hourly billing or a fixed amount for each service. And of course, if you decide that after all doesn’t work for you, there is always a possibility of the second choice after. Feel free to use these few links to inform better about law firms.